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In Character Regulations

Gore is not only allowed, but advised. Cannibalism is a custom in the pack, go crazy with your violence and gore!

Any rank above your own should be listened to, no questions.

Be kind to each other. We may be a gruesome pack, but we are a family.

Disrespect to any rank higher than you will result in a warning and, if continued, will result in punishment.

Treason is a crime punishable by torture and/or death.

Only the Nobility class is permitted to feast on executed members.

No auto-hitting or god-moding. Please be realistic with the condition of your character. Role-play their injury and if they are fatigued.

Out Of Character Regulations

Respect each other! Nobody likes drama, and it won't be tolerated here. If you have beef with another member, please take it up with them in a private chat or with an admin.

Out Of Character admins are ONLY the Nobility class.

Cursing is allowed, sorry if it bothers you.

Ask before you permanently injure and/or kill another person's character. Inside or outside of the pack.

You may hate someone IC, but do not transfer that hate OOC as well. IC and OOC are two different planes and should not be mixed together.

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